Designer Anamarija Brkić, who has been active on the domestic market for more than twelve years, always reaffirms that her brand slogan A`marie -" Clothes Made of Dreams "- is certainly justified. Each of her collection is truly a "dream"- highly purified, sensual and urban. Ideal for the modern woman who going for an evening out straight from the office. In 2013 Anamarija Brkić received respectable Elle Style Award for designer of the year. As a leader of fashion chic in Croatia and beyond, whose signature style and talent have made her a brand in the world of fashion accessories and exceptional clothing that is highly wearable, she has transferred her ideas onto eyewear in cooperation with GHETALDUS.


Along with the design, which is innovative and dreamy, her clothes are created mainly from environmentally friendly and natural materials, raising awareness about the importance of environment protection. Used fabrics encompass the finest silks, Alcantara, MicroModal, Tencel... In addition to its environment friendly quality (manufactured in accordance with the highest European environmental standards), Alcantara has been a hit in the design world because of its durability, non-fading color, and extremely low maintenance which is at the same time enchantingly supple, luxurious and sculptural design wise. MicroModal on the other hand is made from organic cellulose (bark) and produced through eco-friendly sustainable processes. Its features ensure that this luxurious fabric has an extremely pleasant feel to it, a softness that in contact with the skin creates a feeling of freshness and ease. Its non-fading color quality, durability and low maintenance puts MicroModal on the very top of the luxury fabrics list. Tencel is very similar, but it is more functional and very light on the skin.


 In the year 2008 she transferred her ideas onto eyewear in cooperation with GHETALDUS, the Croatian market leader in that area. Since then, she has been designing collections of optical frames as well as sunglasses season after season. Also, together with Mauro Massaroto, Anamarija Brkić has been designing Ghetaldus Vintage, a re-edition collection of cult vintage eyewear belonging to the period from 1960s to 1980s. What defines this collection is a reworked vintage design with a fashion forward edge.

Her design is transferred to the carpet, in cooperation with Saga-Saga, bringing dynamics, using unconventional details, like a zipper, linking smaller pieces of a larger whole, leaving space to combine.

Anamarija likes her clothes feminine and spontaneous as well as colorful and functional.

Blue white combo
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