LLR vintage hats

The first LLR hat collection 'The Hopeless' was created to reflect a chapter in Jelena Vladic’s life. Transitioning from the European life and fashion of the big city, to a quaint small town in Canada was a shock. Her style and dreams seemed out of place, and she felt hopeless. Jelena found herself on a personal treasure hunt to discover her passion. This collection showcases the dichotomy of that chapter Jelena’s life, the black ribbon representing the hopeless moments while the jewel tones symbolize the beauty she discovered within.

"There is an excitement when we look into our closet and find a gem; a piece in our wardrobe that gives us a sense of confidence and highlights our beauty. It is like a treasure hunt, with our closet as the treasure chest."

The Hopeless Hat Collection is inspired by these gems that Jelena journeyed to find. Gemstones are valued for their beauty, and exude refined grace. Just like each stone carries a unique meaning, so does each hat in the collection.


Jelena’s daughter, Lanvin Lilia Rose is the inspiration behind the LLR brand. It was watching her try on a vintage hat and twirling around, beaming from ear to ear. Her beauty radiated, and Jelena knew that she wanted to share her passion and help other women shine. In honor of the inspiration for the creation she named the company after her daughter, Lanvin Lilia Rose (LLR).

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