Rupert Sanderson

Rupert Sanderson founded his eponymous company in London after returning from working in Italy in 2001.

His desire to create beautiful sexy shoes for women derives from not only a deep feeling for fashion but a love of making beautiful, luxurious objects; that are considered fashionable.  Rupert Sanderson has built a business on this belief and remaining uncommonly focused on shoes and shoe making.

By way of reinforcing his design principles, in July 2006 Rupert Sanderson bought a controlling interest in the factory he had been working with from his first collection.  The skills and know-how built up over generations had to be safeguarded to ensure every pair of Rupert Sanderson shoes were the best they could possibly be.

The coterie of glamorous and famous woman around he world that wear Rupert Sanderson's shoes is testament and a compliment to the combination of how beautiful his shoes undoubtedly are and the attention he dedicates to these important and inspirational women.

Rupert Sanderson has stores located in Bruton Place in Mayfair, London and On Lan Street in Central, Hong Kong. His shoes are available in over 100 department and specialist stores in fashion capitals around the world.

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